A market trading and strategy blockchain game launching in multiple chapters. Chapter One is about strategic accumulation of the resource Bu. You will have to plan, harvest, trade, and strategize to accumulate the rare element on the harsh planet of Irateth.


In 2068, most of humanity lives in small homes  developed and managed by the one world government. The affluent, able to afford private security, reside in free cities scattered throughout  the globe. The wealthy are mostly generational old money and the new rich comprised primarily of “crypto revolutionaries” of the 2020s.

The  discovery of the mineral Bennium (Bu) unlocked the ability to travel the  galaxy. Immediately, teams were sent to explore and find a source for more Bu. The planet Irateth, only 500 light years from Earth was found to have the mineral in abundance.

The  World Government/Free City Coalition for Space Exploration (COSPEX) was formed to recruit individuals to travel to Irateth to extract the precious resource. The coalition has developed advanced, automated robots called M.A.R.M.O.T.s to aid in mining operations and resource gathering.

Although  the journey will be perilous and fraught with unknowns, there has not  been an opportunity to amass this kind of wealth in over 50 years.

Chapter One

As Earth rapidly becomes unable to support human life, humanity is in a race with time to source enough of the element Bu to begin colonizing other worlds.

A close by planet, Irateth has been found to have an abundance of Bu. With its harsh environmental conditions, the planet is not suitable for mass colonization, but brave and desperate souls have queued up to establish mining operations to bring the precious element back to Earth.

Growing up in “the bricks”, a colloquial name for government provided housing, colonizing space is one of the last things you thought you would ever do. Although legacy crypto is now banned, you fortunately know just the kind of people that can help use your ancient ETH to bribe your way on to a mining vessel destined for Irateth. Maybe this is your chance to break the cycle. Perhaps you can extract enough Bu to join a free city, or possibly start your own? Just how much wealth can you amass on Irateth? With your guile and trading skills, you hope to be able to dominate the untamed climate of the new planet.

Chapter 1.5

With most of the resource and mining operations automated, the miners are starting to get bored. Although originally designed for industrial duties, some have begun to outfit their M.A.R.M.O.T.s for battle. Keeping themselves entertained by wagering resources and their M.A.R.M.O.T.s in a spectacle of robotic carnage. What started as private wagers between two landowners, a competitive league eventually formed. The league offers large tournaments where colonists can enter their specially outfitted robot workers to compete for big prizes. Perhaps this is the best way to accumulate the Bu needed to get home?

Chapter Two

Not everyone will make it back from Irateth. Not everyone will have had the fortune and skills required to amass the wealth needed to make it home. For those that do, a new future awaits. Will you join a World Government faction? Join a Free City or start your own? Can you get off the planet Earth before it completely collapses? You’ll need to be cunning and perhaps a bit cut-throat to be one of the fortunate ones.

One World Government

After repeated, failed attempts by nation states to combat rampant inflation, ecological disaster and citizen uprisings, a one world government was established in 2046. The primary mission of the unified government is to provide housing and food to the world’s 8.9 billion people. Secondary missions include advancing science and agriculture, peacekeeping, and planetary defense.

The World Government maintains housing in urban areas. Small, 3D printed homes that provide heating, cooling and only the essentials required to sustain life. Food is delivered by drone every three days based on the number of house occupants. The official world currency is BTC-UN, a centralized bitcoin fork created in 2029. Trade in other currencies is strictly prohibited, however there is a large black market which usually transacts in DOGE coin.

Free Cities

There are seventy-nine established free cities. These cities are largely free from world government rule. Although mostly self-sufficient, trade occurs between the cities and occasionally with the world government. The primary currency used for trade is Ethereum 3.5. However, as the name suggests, trade is un-restricted in the free cities. Though there are many forms of government across the free cities, most rely on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to manage community functions such as roads, education, healthcare, and city defense.

Bennium (Bu)

Bennium ($BU) was discovered in 2023 from samples returned from the Bennu asteroid aboard the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft. Bu is a highly radioactive, ancient element. Its discovery was instrumental in harnessing the negative energy required to perfect the AML Folding Drive, a device capable of bending space/time. For the first time, allowing humanity to explore the stars. Due to its limited supply, Bu is near priceless. With the Earth rapidly becoming unable to sustain life, both the World Government and Free Cities began searching for a new source of Bennium. A new supply would allow them to expand their settlements to distant worlds. Bu is the primary currency in the IRAT.ETH universe.


Irateth is an earth like planet located approximately 500 light years from Earth. Irateth is rich in Bu and thus targeted by the World Government and Free Cities for mining. Although Irateth has a breathable atmosphere, severe atmospheric conditions and high levels of radiation make working and living conditions harsh. Most of the food production, energy harnessing, and mining operations are performed by autonomous robots called M.A.R.M.O.T.s. The planet is divided in to 6,400 parcels in an 80×80 grid. Each parcel has different topographical terrain which may help or hinder resource yield. Additionally, the atmospheric conditions can have dramatic effects on some regions, impacting resource yield and potentially M.A.R.M.O.T. operations.


Mobile, Autonomous, Robotic, Multi-Purpose, Off-World Tools or M.A.R.M.O.T.s are used on land parcels to farm food, harness energy and mine Bu. Each M.A.R.M.O.T. can only perform one function at a time and must be outfitted for that task. Each land parcel can have up to three M.A.R.M.O.T.s operating at one time. M.A.R.M.O.T.s are large robotic creatures that once outfitted for a task, can be directed to autonomously gather the appropriate resource. Some bored colonists have begun outfitting their MARMOTs for robotic battles. Fortunately, that is mostly an underground activity (for now).


The primary goal of colonizing Irateth is to extract Bu. Due to its high demand on Earth, it can be traded with the World Government, the Free Cities and on Black Markets. It can also be used to purchase and outfit M.A.R.M.O.T.s.

Other resources are also important. To sustain yourself on Irateth, you will need food ($FOOD). Fortunately, a properly outfitted MARMOT can farm food on your land.  M.A.R.M.O.T.s also need energy ($NRG).  M.A.R.M.O.T.s can produce energy when outfitted with an energy module. Food and Energy are also available for trade in the market at the Space Port.